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Make your own Dingbat or Signature font in minutes - US$19.95

Sketch your own dingbats, icons, doodles and signatures on paper and Bingdat will automatically convert your designs to a font in just a few minutes. You'll be able to easily use your personal dingbats and signature font in most software that supports Opentype fonts. Bingdat fonts are fully scalable so you can easily resize your designs and even change their colour.

As well as dingbats and signatures, Bingdat is ideal for creating single font characters containing short phrases such as "Merry Christmas", "Bargain!!", "Happy Birthday", "Special Offer" etc. You can even use it to create a dropcap style font with ornate letters.

  • Draw up to 36 unique dingbat or signature characters per font
  • Mix and match dingbats, signatures and phrases in the same font.
  • Advanced raster to vector conversion provides great results.
  • Opentype font supports PC, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Fully scalable, resize your font whilst retaining quality.
  • Adjust the colour of your dingbats or signatures just like any regular font.
  • Test your completed font online for free before buying.
  • Pay in your own currency. US$, AU$, Euro, GBP and more.

Once you are satisfied with the result of your test sample, purchase and download your font for US$19.95 (+tax in some locations). Easily make changes prior to purchase by submitting a new template as many times as you like.

Remember there's no obligation to purchase so take us for a test drive and most of all, HAVE FUN.... Get started at Step 1.

Get your very own dingbat or signature font in minutes, let's get started with Step 1.


Customer Feedback

"Wow! Thanks Graham... We've really enjoyed using your service... and I've been telling people about it... I'm glad I found your site!"

Jennifer & Casey Cruciano
(St. Augustine, FL, USA)